Monday, 25 January 2010

Diary of a Traumatised Cat Owner (Part 3)

Day 11
Stoopid BF. Bought the wrong cat food. The kitten equivalent of 'this is not just cat food, this is stoopidly rich and delicious cat food - exactly the sort of stuff to create the kitten equivalent of gout'. Or in this case, gave us a 24 hour diarrhoea-fest.

I wondered why the two of them both curled up on my lap.

They weren't being friendly, they were being poorly.

Day 12

Normal service has resumed. Wall of death around the house this morning and they're trying to break into the plate cupboard.

Saturday, 23 January 2010

Diary of a Traumatised Cat Owner (Part 2)

Day 8

Smokey discovered glass doors this morning. Bandit had already discovered glass, and more specifically its reflective qualities.

The BF is impressed that Smokey made the leap from the table, headfirst, splat into the doors. Apparently, this means he is brave, daring and athletic. I think this means he has no brains.

Bandit has discovered knitting.

Day 9

(Bandit checks that I am working from home. The boss is more likely to believe the cat than me).

Kittens finally using basket. Smokey allowed me to stroke him, because his sister was there.

(The Scratching Post? The Ambush Post as Bandit takes another flying leap at her brother).

Smokey still likes being under the dining room table - he likes being anywhere he can keep an eye on us, quite frankly.

Basement Cat says "I got my eyes on you."

Wednesday, 20 January 2010

Diary of a Traumatised Cat Owner

Day 1

The BF has finally succumbed to persuasion to get a cat. (Actually succumbed some time before Christmas but it has taken us until now to get organised). Browse various websites. Finally decided to consider cat rescue. (Friends' previous bad experiences with psychotic cats put me off - BF already thinks cats are out to take over the planet). Two beautiful kittens are available from Bolton Cat Rescue. Actually, there's a lot of lovely cats and kittens available from Bolton Cat Rescue but I like the look of these two. One is black and white and the other is black.

Day 2

Ring Bolton. Questionnaire to complete and we'll be vetted on Sunday. That was fast!

Day 4

Have been vetted and we have passed. Apparently, we're getting the female and whichever one of her four brothers she decides to bring with her. I like the sound of this girl. Off to Pets at Home.


Am traumatised. Since when has cat ownership been this difficult? How many collars does a cat need? What's with all the choice on food bowls and mats? Why would I want all the cats' stuff to be heart shaped, covered in flowers and pink? As for the food - scientific, hypoallergenic, anti hairball, sensitive skin, anti dandruff... I'm making the last one up, I think? And then there's all of the decisions to be made about what the cat will crap in - non-clumping, clumping, environmentally friendly, wooden, semi wooden, blue, grey, sky-blue-pink-with-yellow-dots?

Previous cat Lollipop did alright without this lot and she was 22 when she had to be put down.

Day 6

Got the cats! Bandit has been charging all over the house and she most definitely owns the house now. This is Smokey. He hasn't come out from behind the sofa all night. He howls when he can't see his sister. She runs back to him with what looks like cat exasperation.

Day 7

Smokey has moved from behind the sofa. He's now under it. This is not going well. BF is working from home this afternoon to "help them settle in". Text message updates about eating and crapping. Everyone at work is laughing at me but then they're all asking when the next update is due.

I don't want a traumatised cat. Apart from the fact I don't want the cats to be upset there's the very happy situation that they're litter trained at the minute. Traumatised cats crap everywhere.


Smokey has taken up residence under the dining table. It's an improvement.

(Blurry photo (obviously) with his sister)

BF empties the litter tray. Running commentary regarding the difference between cat wee and cat poo in the litter tray. "That's what happens when a man does household chores".

Can't believe how soppy the BF is.

Sunday, 17 January 2010

It's a Wrap

Here's that DB Pointed Edge Wrap I mentioned.

Not sure if the pointed edge should be worn at the top or bottom. I think it's better at the bottom - like the trim of a dress or skirt. The BF reckons it should be at the top.

Saturday, 16 January 2010

Broken Resolution

So, here's the sock yarn responsible for breaking my no yarn buying resolution. At less than a tenner, it is so worth it.

Regia 4ply: Jacquard Colour; Brasil; Bamboo Colour; Line Step Colour

Resolutions? Suggestions.

Thursday, 14 January 2010


On the 14th January in "The Arden Arms" (Stockport), I made a false statement that alleged the BF had been browsing Ravelry.

In my account, I stated that the BF had found this rather brilliant pattern (Some Assembly Required by Amber Allison, available at whilst surfing Ravelry. He had then asked to use my account, rather than set up his own, paid for the pattern and downloaded it.

The BF has protested that this is not a true and accurate representation of what actually happened.

What actually happened was as follows:

He had found a link to the pattern whilst browsing his usual websites (you know, games, gadgets and all round general manly sites). He then asked to use my account, rather than set up his own, paid for the pattern, downloaded it and saved it to my desktop so that I couldn't fail to see it and would therefore knit it for him.

So, now you know.

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

New Year, New Knits

Finally, here are some pictures of the things I am knitting at the moment.

This is the "Point Edge Wrap" (DB Cathay) that is actually knitted in "Muskat" (DK Egyptian Cotton) which I bought at Ally Pally in 2008. It's a fantastically easy knit: garter stitch with a very simple lace edge. It was fun and transported well (as I took it with me on the Great Northern Christmas Cross Country Dash AKA visiting all the relatives).

It's currently blocking so I'll post a photo of the full item once it's dry.

Can you guess what it is yet?

Yes, it is indeed sock yarn ("Regia - Silk" 4ply) and it's another stash buster. I'm knitting a jumper (a jumper! in 4ply!) which is a pattern from the lovely 'Web of Wool' people. The front and back are knitted in two pieces and stitched up the middle so the self-patterning effects aren't lost. Surprisingly (a jumper in 4ply!) it's knitting up really fast. The back is upstairs blocking, as I type and here is the front. One of the sleeves is on the needles.

And, I've already broken a resolution - the none shopping one, naturally.

How could I resist? It was £4.19 on Ebay! I also picked up a bargain of sock yarn at "Kemps" online shop. Enough "Regia " for four pairs of socks, for under a tenner.

Friday, 8 January 2010


Many people and friends have Etsy shops where they sell the beautiful things they make. However, there is a dark side to Etsy... Regretsy... I stumbled across this site months ago and have been meaning to talk about it here. As ever, I finally manage to, just as the site owner is becoming popular - we're talking book deal popular - and everyone has already seen her work of art.


The true horror of it all can be found here:

I don't know what I love more - the awfulness of some of the creations, the posts by their creators or Regretsy's comments.

Obviously, this site could offend the crafters who have worked so hard on their products. However, the main complaint was that Regretsy did not link back to their site in case viewers wanted to buy.

As a taster of some of what's on offer...

Apparently, these are intended for adult women.

Oh My God! You've got a dead dove coming out of your head!

Words have failed me. It's a ...Unic
orn...Pig...Hat... for the inner child within us all. My inner child has run away screaming and will be in counselling for the rest of her life.

Monday, 4 January 2010

Happy New Year!!

Happy New Year to everyone! Hope you all had a great Christmas and New Year.

So, have I made any resolutions? Not really. I've got a few to carry over from last year but this year I intend to enjoy my knitting rather than turn it into a chore. So, I won't be making any more jumpers for the BF (he loves his latest but is well jumpered out); or cardigans for my Granda (he has three and absolutely loves the latest even though I thought it was a monstrosity); or anything other than accessories for Niece No 1 (at 7 she has reached her knitted goodness limit).

So, in 2009 I mostly knitted and sewed:

Stash Busted 2009 (from 'old' stock)
  • "Admiral R Druck" socks for me in basketweave pattern.
  • "Colinette Jitterbug - Lapis" socks for me.
  • "Fortissima - Colori" socks for the BF.
  • "Fortissima Colori" - more socks for the BF.
  • "Middle Earth Yarns - Captain Jack" socks for me in 'Cartridge Rib'.
  • "Middle Earth Yarns - Davy Jones" socks for me
  • "Regia - Colour - Avenue" socks for Thomas.
  • "Rowan Silk Tweed" "Deep" (Rowan 39) for my Mam.
  • "Thomas the Tank Engine" jumper for Thomas.
  • Patchwork blanket for a friend's baby.
  • Two pairs of cobbled-together socks for Thomas.
(Gift) Knitting (bought new)
  • "Bo" (Rowan Babies) for Nephew.
  • "Buster" (Rowan Babies) for Nephew.
  • "Buster" (Rowan Babies) for Niece No 2.
  • "Hans" (Rowan Babies) for Niece No 2.
  • "King Cole - Zig-Zag" socks for Liz.
  • "On-Line - Circle" socks for Debs.
  • "On-Line - Circle" socks for my Mam.
  • "On-Line - Circle" socks for Niece Number 1.
  • "On-Line - Circle" socks for SIL.
  • "On-Line Circle" socks for FIL.
  • "On-Line Circle" socks for Step-Dad.
  • "Opal - Circle" socks for my Auntie.
  • "Opal" gloves for Step-Dad.
  • "Regia - Colour - Avenue" socks for the boss.
  • "Retro Jumper" in "Jaegar Extra Fine Merino" for the BF.
  • "Retropolitan 4.0" for my Granda.
  • "Rico" socks for BF.
  • "Rico" socks for Brother.
  • "Rico" socks for my Granda (yes, another pair).
  • "Rico" socks for my Granda.
  • "Rico" socks for SIL.
  • "Rico" socks for the BF.
  • "Rico" socks for the BF.
  • "Rico" socks for the Debs.
  • "Rico" socks for the Neice Number 1.
  • "Vintage Swing Coat" (Sublime) for Niece No 1.
  • "Wendy - Happy" socks for MIL.
  • Elephant curtains for the spare room
  • Nefertiti cushion for my Mam
  • Tutenkhamun cushion for my Mam
Not bad, methinks.

Happy New Year!