Wednesday, 29 September 2010

Meanwhile (2)

It has been another break between posting. I ended up in hospital. Long story short - I am now better: all of the hormonal problems have stopped, no more hot flushes, no mood swings, no weeping for random reasons and the bleeding has stopped. Turned out there was a small lump on the ovary which has been removed during keyhole surgery. I have been signed off work for three weeks(!) but I'm recovering well. So, it's all good.

Anyway, since getting home, my knitting mojo has come back. (I was so unenthusiastic previously).

I've finally finished Shaun the Sheep for Niece No 2. It only took an afternoon - being unable to move very far kept me focused! I have been struggling to finish this one which is ironic because it's a series of quick knits (for each body part) and you can see how much progress you are making.

I've also been cracking on with some random pieces - a pair of gloves for the BF's Tante in "Regia - Bamboo". I have no idea what the colourway is (there's no name on the label) but I think it's very pretty.

And here's a small selection of projects that I have finished. (I have been watching lots of movies): "Sirdar Escape" scarf for Niece No 1; "Sirdar Escape" gloves for a colleague; "Touch Yarns - Cascade" gloves for me; and a pair of "Regia" socks for Dayle to thank him for shifting paving slabs with us.

And then there is this... and I am really excited about this...

It's a TARDIS Sock (by Swallowed by Sky via Ravelry).

This is a really easy pattern to follow though I've made a few ammendments - the TARDIS windows are in panels of six whereas the original does not group them. (I'm retentive about Doctor Who and the recipient (SIL) is even worse than me). I'm also knitting the heel and sock in a different colour (and yarn) "Rowan - 4ply soft" (with some reinforcement) because I don't have enough "Regia - Solid - Blue".

I am unfeasibly excited about these!

Thursday, 9 September 2010


It has been a little while since I posted. A few things have happened:

1. The BF is making good progress on the garden redesign - prepping it for when my lovely Step-Dad comes to visit.
2. The Great North Swim was cancelled because of green-blue algae in Lake Windermere.
3. I wouldn't have been able to do it anyway, because my GP told me not to.

Reason? If you're squeamish stop reading now. Normal service will resume next posting. Once I've done some decent knitting.

Still here?

OK, I'm having problems with my menstrual cycle/system for the last few months and currently I have been bleeding for five weeks now, apart from three days courtesy of Norithesterone. How does this make me feel? Mostly knackered. :-) And slightly peeved with a locum I saw in my first appointment (I'm never away from the GPs at the moment. I'm going to reserve a seat). Why was I peeved? On listening to me describe my symptoms, he grimaced and looked thoroughly squeamish. I felt I had to apologise but seriously, he's a GP. I'm happy to accept that the human body tends to have a few habits that just aren't tasteful in polite society, but I expect a GP to be a little tougher when it comes to bodily functions.

I've had scans and there are no lumps, bumps, polycystic ovaries or anything else that shouldn't be there. My iron levels are normal. Next stage, further blood tests - thyroid and Follicle Stimulation Hormone - plus a gynae referral. Personally, I think my current problems are hormone related. I'm having very strange mood swings - wanting to burst into tears for no logical reason. For example, I was shopping, picked up a bag of rice and was overwhelmed by the need to weep - you'd think I was grieving. Now, I freely admit that I dislike food shopping (though I love cooking and easting) but the aversion isn't enough to be traumatic. Generally all is good in my life and then on occasion I "feel" this unrelenting "sadness" - whilst thinking I've nothing to be upset about. It is completely bizarre. (The women at work who have gone through the menopause all nod in recognition and I've had a lot of stories about bursting into tears on the bus and leaving family members utterly bemused). I'm also very forgetful and finding it difficult to concentrate but tiredness would do that too.

And, on top of this (oh, yes - the list goes on) I've had what I'm pretty certain are hot flushes. The heat rises up from my feet through (it feels like it, anyway) the top of my head and it is unbearable. I've found myself hanging out of the office window and feeling like I'm about to faint. (Another story that makes the post-menopausal ladies nod in recognition).

By the way, I'm 33 not 53.

So, this may be a temporary glitch that can be fixed - contraceptive pills are the norm - or it may be 'just one of those things' that is unexplainable though passes. Or the GP thinks my ovaries might be packing in and I have an outside chance of premature menopause (though the excessive bleeding wouldn't make sense would it? There are varying opinions on this on both the 'respectable' medical websites and the hypochondriac sites). This would probably mean being on HRT until I'm at the usual age range for beginning the menopause as the biggest health risk is missing out on the protective benefits of oestrogen.

Ho hum. We'll see what the blood test results bring next week.