Sunday, 20 December 2009

'Twas the Night Before Christmas...

...Well, it isn't, obviously, but for a change, I'm not frantically knitting the night before Christmas. (This is largely because I have written off the knitted teddy bear until next year).

The computer keyboard has been fairly neglected over the last few months, largely because of all the knitting; and because I started a new job in August which has been extremely busy; and because I've been running an online course (tutoring and marking); and because this year has been one of those years for anniversaries, milestone birthdays, housewarming parties and just general chaos. It has been great.

So, what have I finished? (You might want to go and make a cup of tea while this page loads).

Another "Retro" ("Sublime") jumper in 'Jaeger Extra Fine Merino' for the BF.

Socks for almost everyone on the planet (ok, ok, I know I'm exaggerating) in a variety of yarns - 'Rico', 'On-Line' and 'Opal'.

"Buster" and "Hans" ("Rowan Babies") in 'Sirdar - Soya' for Niece No 2.

"Buster" and "Bo" ("Rowan Babies") in 'Sirdar - Soya' for Nephew.

Erm... socks? mittens? a jumper? for my Step-Dad.

"Vintage Swing Coat" ("Sublime") in 'Sublime Cashmerino Silk DK' for Niece No 1.

Oh dear - it's another "Retropolitan" ("Son of Stitch and Bitch") in I'm not sure what yarn, for my Granda. But, I think I'm guilty of a Christmas jumper. I'm so sorry.

In my defence, I would like to point out that I am slightly colourblind (weird shades of green and blue) so what I thought was going to be a red and blue jumper has become a very festive green and red. (I've also got him a bottle of whisky to numb the shock).