Saturday, 19 June 2010

Knit in Public Picnic

I've just come back from an afternoon knitting in Vernon Park. Our group decided to hold a picnic for Knitting in Public Day. It has been a deceptively nice day (red: cool) but we have had fun.

There was lots of great food to eat: Nettie's gorgeous cous-cous, Kathryn's moreish choc-chip cookies, Emma's amazing bread, Claire's marble cake and Ellies fabulously-named Whoopie Cakes - to describe but a few. I'm not sure how much knitting we did.

We're also not sure how public the Knitting in Public was. Vernon Park is very quiet and while we got a couple of odd looks from the squirrels and a few passing dogs, I think we do more knitting in public in the "Arden Arms" of a Thursday.

Great fun, though!

Monday, 14 June 2010

In Other News... has been a while since I updated and there are a couple of good reasons for that:

1. I am lazy.
2. The t'interweb connection has been doo-wappy. Yes, that is the technical term. And it has only got worse since that thing that involves over-paid children, sorry, men chasing balls around a course, sorry, the World Cup started - the neighbours all seem to be watching the blasted games on the computer. I am making this assumption because the connection has disappeared entirely during matches/innings/whatever.

Anyway, I'm still knitting the "Lacy Ladders" scarf - more so since the advice on what I am doing with YOs. Thank you. No picture today, sorry. There have still been a few mistakes but, thankfully, it's a very forgiving pattern.

I spent Sunday afternoon making some curtains for my Mam. Well, I started one and will make the other one next weekend. I'm not actually finishing them until I go to visit as I can't remember the drop measurements... so I don't want to make them too short.

So, here are two pictures that show you the curtain (in theory) without actually showing you the curtain.

A seam.

An example of how not to make a neat hem. There isn't enough material left to turn a decent hem - folding the material to hide the raw edges, but I'm having to make do with what I have.

In gardening related news... I have turned this bald lawn monstrosity (date - May 2nd)...

...into this toxic-green lawn of loveliness!

There's still a bald patch under the shrubs to the left of the lawn but that's thirst related. I think I'll try some Miracle Grow next. And no, it's not green because the moss has come back! :-)

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Lacy Update

Progress so far?

I'm quite pleased. It's so delicate and the pattern is easy to follow. The only difficult is YO-ing the yarn in the right direction. YO-ing purl-wise is fine, but the brain is struggling with knit-wise. I'm having to do a lot of unhitching and twisting when I knit the following rows.