Tuesday, 19 October 2010

Almost Forgot...

...to mention that I made it down to Ally Pally for the Knitting and Stitching Show (though quite why there were so many beading and papercraft stall there is beyond me. It's a knitting and stitching show, damnit - not a general all purpose crafting show). Did I go to shop? Absolutely. Did I buy a veritable feast and abundance of yarn? Sadly not.

I saw lots of lovely things - a peacock shawl that would make you look like you were wearing wings, but I'm not really into looking like an escapee from The Battle of the Planets. At the risk of sounding tight-fisted I didn't see many bargains either - I know I can do better on eBay. So, I bought some gorgeous "Sirdar - Baby Bamboo" (at a decent discount) to make a cardigan for Niece No 2 and the "Colinette - Jitterbug" at the bottom of the picture was one of the few things that leaped from the stalls into my hand.

Not a bad selection of purchases but not quite the hauls of Ally Pally Expeditions-past. Am I going off yarn?

No. A gorgeous shop called Purl City Yarns has opened up in the Northern Quarter of Manchester. You haven't been there? Quick! Go now! Take my car. Actually don't, get the train. It's a great shop selling all manner of loveliness and I called in on my way home from work on Friday.

L-R: "Green Eyed Monsters - Silkling"; "Manos del Uruguay - Silk Blend"; "Austermann"

The "Green Eyed Monsters" is handmade in Manchester and that's about as local as I can get, though I am yet to see sheep roaming Platt Lane Fields or in Debdale Park, so maybe it's just hand-dyed. I'm looking forward to trying it and comparing it with the "Manos" - they're the same blend: 30% silk and 70% merino but there is more of a sheen to the "Manos". Obviously, it's for experimental purpuses that I was forced to buy this yarn.

And finally it was my birthday last week and my fab SIL baked me a cake!

I have never had a novelty cake before. I was very excited!

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