Tuesday, 19 October 2010

White Noise

I've finished one of the Sanqhar Gloves - they of the shonky pattern - and I am very pleased with the end result. These are going to be toasty as the weather cools.

Obviously, one glove alone isn't much use to me so have started the second. Spot the deliberate error.

Yep, I forgot to reverse the pattern - this requires a reversing of the colourwork, not just the structure - and instead of black stripes up the back of the hand, we have white stripes. This is what happens when you gleefully have a couple of glasses of wine whilst knitting a complicated and shonkily-written pattern. I couldn't be bothered to unpick the rows to correct it.

Those stripes are going to get filthy aren't they?


margaret said...

You could always stitch in black over the white stitches of the stripes - or just one line of stitches down the centre of each - it's a chance for creativity, wot?
Love the red flash in the cuff.
And so toasty!

Hellbelle said...

They are gorgeous, your photo doesn't do them justice!