Saturday, 8 January 2011

Review of 2010

It's taken me a while to muster some enthusiasm to write in my Blog. The last four months of 2010 were pretty rubbish and I wasn't sure if I wanted to write about that as this is where I try to keep to the business of knitting (and baking cakes). However, I've decided to summarise the generally icky nature of last year in an attempt to get it out of my system and move onto nicer things for the New Year.

So, in September, I had surgery and I've written about that in earlier posts so I won't drone on about that here. While I was in hospital, the BF's Nan had a massive stroke and was also hospitalised. The MIL had a prolapse. So, everyone's in hospital.

I went back to work, fighting fit, raring to go and with lots to catch up on. That was ok. Two days back at work and my Mam was in a three car collision. Thankfully, she wasn't badly hurt - whiplash, bruising across her chest, more shocked than anything else. Meanwhile, she was having to care for my Granda who had been steadily making himself ill through not eating because he feared that he had bowel cancer. He didn't. Investigations showed the problem was constipation. Eating, or rather not eating continued to be a problem and my Mam was trying to get help from Social Services, which he was refusing. (I live 150 miles away so I'm not exactly on-hand to help). He got himself into such a state, in November, that he fell and fractured his pelvis. He was admitted to hospital and two days later developed pneumonia and died. (My Mam rang to tell me to get home as he wouldn't live out the day. I was too late). My Mam, meanwhile was also enduring investigations and she has been diagnosed with diverticular disease.

Two week's later the BF's Nan died - the day after we were supposed to visit while we were in London, but couldn't because the BF had a chest infection and you can't visit a ward of frail old ladies when you're ill.

The icing on the cake happened the day after Nan's funeral when the washing machine sprang a leak. I superstitiously wish I had said 'cherry on the cake' as there is always room for something else on top of the icing. In the week before Christmas, my brother and his wife were made redundant.

Marvellous. However, there is light at the end of the tunnel. My SIL isn't out of work until March and my brother has until June, so they have time to job hunt. My Mam is getting better - she needs no more physiotherapy and my Step-Dad retired last weekend. So things are not as bad as they were and I feel better for getting that out of my system.

So, knitting wise... I made lots of small things and I although I had said there would be no gift knitting, I still made a few things. Mostly I had fun so all was good.

Stash Busted 2010

  • "Baa-baa Baby" Hat ("Sirdar Soya - DK") for a friend's baby
  • "Baa-baa Baby" Jumper ("SIrdar Soya - DK") for a friend's baby
  • "KnitWitch - Lacy Rib Ladders" scarf
  • "Point Edge Wrap" (DB Cathay) in 'Muskat'
  • "Regia - Bamboo" gloves for BF's Tante
  • "Regia - Colour" socks for me
  • "Regia - In Step" socks for Step Dad
  • "Regia - Pink" Mini Diamonds Socks for Neice No 1
  • "Regia - Ringels" Fern Lace socks for me
  • "Regia - Silk" fingerless gloves for the BF
  • "Regia - Silk" socks for me
  • "Regia - Silk" socks for the SIL
  • "Regia" socks for BF
  • "Regia" socks for Dayle
  • "Rico" (black & white) socks for the BF
  • "Rico" (blue & white) socks for the BF
  • "Rico" (multi) socks for the BF
  • "Sanqhar Gloves" in 2ply laceweight
  • "Shaun the Sheep" for Niece No 2
  • "Sirdar - Escape" gloves for Alayne
  • "Sirdar - Escape" gloves for Anne
  • "Sirdar - Escape" gloves for Liz
  • "Sirdar - Escape" scarf for Alayne
  • "Sirdar - Escape" scarf for Niece No 1
  • "Some Assembly Required" in various cheapo DK
  • "TARDIS Socks" (!) for SIL
  • "Touch Yarns - Handpainted DK" scarf in 'feather and fan' for me
  • "Touch Yarns - Handpainted DK"gloves for me
(Gift) Knitting
  • "Austermann - Step" socks for BF
  • "Austermann - Step" socks for Liz
  • "Regia - Blue Trim" Socks for Thomas
  • "Regia - Blue" Socks for Thomas
  • "Sirdar - Baby Bamboo" Hat and cardigan for Niece No 2

Stitching 2010

  • Elephant curtains for my Mam
  • Two red and gold cushions for the sofa

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