Sunday, 30 January 2011

Some Pix I Forgot to Show You

I knitted a few things for Christmas presents at the end of last year - mostly socks it has to be said, and none with any funky patterns (other than the colour itself). However, I did knit a couple of lovely things... this cardigan for Niece No 2 (and please note, the BF sewed the buttons on for me and he did a lovely job too)... with a matching pixie hat.

This is "Sirdar - Baby Bamboo" and it was a pleasure to knit, fun pattern in silky smooth yarn. The pixie hat was not strictly as per the pattern. There's a very good reason for this. The pattern was for a tam and as I looked at it, I kept thinking of Victoria Wood doing her "my friend Kim-ber-ley" routine. I couldn't help imagining my niece as cross between Kim-ber-ley and Frank Spencer.

The other noteworthy gift is Winnie the Pooh for Niece No 1. However, this monstrosity looks like a Rat-Faced-Evil-Winnie than the Disney offering.


Hellbelle said...

I love your Winnie The Pooh. He looks like he's been on the cider most of the day. Definitely an effective anti-drink -drugs warning for any toddler :)

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